Changes to the notarial service offered at the British Consulate General Hong Kong, as of 9 April 2018

A message from the British Consulate General:

As of 9 April 2018, the consular team in Hong Kong will only provide notarial services to British Nationals in Hong Kong and Macao where the customer can provide proof that this service must be provided by the British Consulate.

We understand that it is sometimes necessary for British Nationals to approach us for help with notarial or documentary services; however it’s become apparent following recent analysis of the notarial work we offer that many of the notarial acts we have performed could have been fulfilled by a solicitor or a notary public. This change will free up our busy consular team to spend more time on customers who need our help the most. For every notarial service we cease to provide, we save one working hour to focus on these difficult cases.

You can find out more about these changes here and see our new lawyers/notarial service providers list here.