Reports & Articles 2024

Accenture Top 10 Banking Trends for 2024: Banking on AI

 04/06/2024 - Accenture 

Every year Accenture's Banking team pools its experience of working with well-known banking organisations and shares their perspective on the trends most likely to shape the future of the industry in the next 12 months and beyond. It should be no surprise the number one trend this year is the rapid adoption of Gen AI, nor that it’ll have a transformative impact on the other nine trends bankers will need to confront in the months to come.

We’re now on the threshold of the Age of AI. Banking, like most other industries, will never be the same. The challenge is to ensure it’s a force for good that benefits our organisations, our people and all humankind.
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Post-COP28 position paper 

29/05/2024 - Arup 

Following last year’s Pre-COP28 Asia event series, nations around the world will look even more for best practices, leadership and strong partners on how to decarbonise. This post-COP28 position paper, presented by Arup, elaborates how Hong Kong is uniquely positioned in this regard. It lists out many things that Hong Kong is doing well, what should be further improved and what suggested actions various stakeholders should take to progress at speed and at scale.

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Future of Asia Wealth Management 

03/04/2024 - Accenture 

The Future of Asia Wealth Management report explores the steps firms should take to meet customer expectations and their own growth goals. Attaining them requires meeting customer needs in two crucial areas: the end-to-end digital journey, and the service provided by their relationship managers. Although Wealth management firms in Asia still have ambitious goals for assets under management and revenue, Accenture’s ground-breaking research concludes most won’t succeed unless they focus on improving the client experience.
This comprehensive thought leadership publication covering the Wealth Management industry in Asia is based across 3,700 affluent clients, 655 relationship managers (RMs), and more than 20 interviews with senior executives (CXOs) of wealth firms operating across 12 Asian markets.

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Hong Kong Budget Tax Newsletter 2024-25

11/03/2024 - Mazar 

On 28 February 2024, the Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan, delivered the 2024 - 25 Budget.
For a refresher, we invite you to read this tax newsletter prepared by Mazars in Hong Kong, which includes a summary of highlights from the Budget along with 2024-25 Hong Kong tax facts and figures.
For further accessibility, the tax newsletter is available in both English and Chinese.


Accenture Technology Vision 2024: Human by Design

26/02/2024 - Accenture 

New research from Accenture finds the world in the midst of a massive technology shift, as AI and other disruptive technologies become more intuitive and human in its nature.
Accenture's Technology Vision 2024: "Human by Design: How AI unleashes the next level of human potential" explores how generative AI, spatial computing and body-sensing technologies have the potential to usher in a new era of unprecedented productivity and creativity, where people and organisations are given greater capabilities to reinvent their business and achieve new performance frontiers.
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Cross-Border Transfer of Evidence from Mainland China Under International Commercial Dispute Resolution Scenarios

19/02/2024 - Mayer Brown 

Cross-border transfer of evidence in litigation or arbitration proceeding is no longer an easy process, with countries finding themselves at odds with each other over data security regulations.
In light of Mainland China's legal framework for cross-border data security, Mayer Brown in Hong Kong looks into commercial dispute resolution scenarios and discuss compliance obligations, practice developments and compliance insights regarding the transfer of evidence from Mainland China. 
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Relocation Packages: What Should I Be Aware?

22/01/2024 - Hugill & Ip Solicitors 

In the changing global talent landscape, offering a comprehensive relocation package is an effective way to attract and retain top talent, while providing businesses with greater access to global markets and opportunities for growth. It also demonstrates an organisation's commitment to the well-being of its employees and their families, leading to higher satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.

In this article, Harry Tang from Hugill & Ip Solicitors outlines the key considerations for incorporating relocation packages, including the differences in benefits offered in local and expatriate packages.

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Accenture Life Trends 2024

03/01/2024 - Accenture 

Half of people globally are significantly altering their life goals, prioritizing job stability and retirement more than marriage or getting a college degree, and another 48% of people make plans for their lives less than 12 months ahead, or don’t plan at all, finds Accenture’s 17th annual Life Trends report.

This shift in mindset — brought on in part by the rapid advance of technology — is putting society in flux and creating a level of uncertainty and fragility for businesses as people are now deconstructing everything in their lives, as they try to figure out their place in the world.

“We’re entering a decade of deconstruction spurred on by changing consumer values, AI’s explosive growth and the relentless speed of change,” said Mark Curtis, global sustainability lead for Accenture Song. “This is causing business leaders to ask, ‘where do we begin?’ in the face of these challenges. It starts with a clarion call for excellence and giving the pursuits of human ingenuity and creativity space to flourish.”

Learn about the five global macro-cultural trends predicted to revolutionise how business and leaders remain relevant to their customers whiles accelerating growth in the Accenture Life Trends 2024 report. Read the report online or via Accenture’s thought leadership app, Accenture Foresight.


The Benefits of Embracing a 4.5 Day Working Week

03/01/2024 - Hugill & Ip Solicitors 

In recent years, the concept of a 4.5-day work week has gained popularity as a way to improve work-life balance and enhance workplace productivity. While unconventional, the benefits of a 4.5-day work week may be the key to transforming workplace culture and creating a thriving environment that empowers employees - and therefore the overall business - to succeed.

Adam Hugill, Founding Partner at Hugill & Ip Solicitors, shares the observed benefits of providing a 4.5 work week, and how it contributed to his decision to permanently provide a 4.5 work week to his employees starting from 1 December 2023.

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