Chamber News & Policy Work 2021

The Chamber works closely with business bodies and government to facilitate business opportunities on behalf of our members. We seek to further enhance Hong Kong’s standing and effectiveness as an international business centre.

British Chamber - Second GBA Position Paper

We shared our first position paper on the GBA in July 2020, covering five key sectors (financial services; logistics; healthcare; education and environment). We subsequently held a very constructive meeting with the Chief Executive and other colleagues to discuss that paper in early September.

We have since sent a second GBA position paper to the Chief Executive which covers the following areas/sectors – Real Estate, Construction and Infrastructure; Information and Technology; SMEs; Retail and Hospitality; Professional Services; Dispute Resolution; and Diversity and Inclusion. As with our first paper, we have included some general commentary together with some specific actionable recommendations for the Government’s consideration drawing from the collective broad experience and expertise of our membership.

We have requested a further meeting with the Chief Executive and members of her cabinet to discuss. We will continue to provide updates on our dialogue with the Government in due course.

In the meantime, the full paper can be found here