2019 Year in Review

The Chamber has hosted over 130 events this year, from key speakers such as Sir Danny Alexander, Karon Monaghan, Jacob Kam, Angela Mackay, Matthew Leech and Clement Cheung, through to panel conferences on the implications of the Greater Bay for different areas of business, fintech, digital healthcare, and diversity in the workplace. Through our established sectoral committee network, and as respected advocate with government and business bodies, we have held 26 meetings with senior Hong Kong, Chinese and UK government officials and submitted 10 policy papers, for example Public Engagement on "Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy For Hong Kong", Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, and a Cancer Care Whitepaper. As part of our outreach to British business, the Chamber’s Executive Director has this year presented to hundreds of companies in five cities across the UK on opportunities in the region, particularly for those companies looking to new markets post-Brexit. 




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